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Handmade 1.75-inch sterling silver pendant with grandidierite (top stone) and lucky lady variscite (bottom stone) on an antiqued 18-inch sterling silver chain with a sterling hook and eye clasp.


Additional information:


Variscite is a relatively rare mineral sometimes mistaken for turquoise. However, variscite generally appears more deeply green than turquoise because it contains trivalent chromium rather than copper, which in turquoise, renders a characteristic blue color.


Owing to its green color, this gemstone is regarded as grounding, and useful for the accumulation of wealth. The unique properties of variscite include is its ability to enhance one's intellectual abilities, particularly logic. Known as a 'true worry stone,' this beautiful gem is said to imbue a sense of calm; stabilize emotions; relieve fear, anxiety, stress, and bodily tension; and thus to calm the mind and reduce interpersonal conflict. Variscite is believed to elevate one's ability to implememt ideas; it sparks creativity and inspiration; and increases the harmony, peace, and joy experienced by those fortunate enough to wear it. Associated with the heart chakra, variscite stirs the opening of the heart and encourages love and compassion.


Like variscite, grandidierite is also a rare mineral. The blue coloring of each grandidierite gemstone correlates to its iron content; higher iron content intensifies the stone's already vivid blue coloring. This gem also exhibits pleochroism, or color variances based on the angle of view, including light yellow, dark green, and dark blue green.


The throat, third eye, and heart chakra become linked together when working with grandidierite. This trifecta gives your heart and mind the opportunity to freely communicate with each other. This clear channel of thought can help you make concrete decisions that are best for your future. Grandidierite will open up your mind so that you can clearly see your truest potential. When sleeping next to this stone, you may find your dreams extremely moving and communicative.


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