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Hello Friends....

Welcome to Poet & Crow! We are so glad you have landed here.

If you are looking for the Poet and Crow Craft site, where we sell a variety of tumblers, tote bags, tee shirts, coffee mugs and more, please visit us at:

On our site you will find an array of jewelry and crafts lovingly formed by the hands of the two artists in residence at our Austin, Texas studio. Our inventory is updated often, so check back frequently for new offerings.

What do we mean by "artisan" or "handcrafted?" Simply put, our pieces are completely made by hand utilizing the tools of our trade without the use of industrial machines, which mass produce items. While handmade goods don't rise to the standards of perfection when compared to some machined goods, it is the subtle variations in each piece that make the items special and unique - perhaps, perfectly "imperfect." When buying a handcrafted item, you are not just purchasing a piece of metal or stone, but rather, you are buying hours of dedication by an artist committed to their craft; from concept to creation, an artist's heart goes into every item they produce.


To show our customers appreciation for their support, all of our jewelry comes with complementary gift wrapping and a velvet storage pouch. See our Services Page for more details.

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A sample of our creations...
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